Ah, another mandatory, celebratory! orbit around the sun.
You’ve done it a couple of dozen-plus times by now,
Whilst Earth’s travelled many millions of miles…
But you’re still right there.


Stationary. Stagnant. Older.

At least there’s cake. And booze.
At least there’s next year.
You’ll do all the things then.
You’ll get There.
Wherever isn’t Here.

This whole sequence is pretty cyclical though. It always circles you right back to Here. Right where you were. Right where you are.

Not There. 

So why not break out into your own less predictable trajectory?
Escape the cyclical circle.
Trek There.
Anywhere but Here.
Traverse Earth’s thrilling trails before your final farewell orbit if you can.

And you can… but will you?

Whatever you can do, you must do. Truly. Lest you leave a legacy of idle time wasted getting wasted. Lest you live lifelessly.

Potential squandered.
Passions neglected.
Purpose abandoned.


Rest assured, dear old Earth won’t stop moving. It’s on its way There. Join that journey.

Run with it.
Chase its mysteries.
Dig its core.
Soar its boundaries.
Dive its depths.
Seek its truths.
Ponder its presence.
Taste its bounty.
Bathe in its beauty.
Search its serenity.
Challenge its order.
Overcome its evil.
Feel its warmth.
Look for love.
Create it if you have to.











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