Abandoned House

Abandoned (daily prompt May 3, 2016)

“So many old and lovely things are stored in the world’s attic because we don’t want them around us and we don’t dare throw them out.”

-John Steinbeck, The Winter of Our Discontent


Abandoned houses, like people, are haunted by the people whom previously made them most alive.

The difference between abandoned houses and abandoned people is this: as human beings, we have choices.

We can repair even the deepest of holes, seal our longest-running cracks, and fill up all the empty spaces with something more suiting. We can map out a whole new floor plan if we so desire. Add a fresh coat of paint. Adopt a brand new style.

When doors close, we can open up windows and welcome the warmth of the sun waiting right outside. All that light shining just beyond the doors we’ve sealed shut can chase out the darkness drowning us inside.

Or we can lock the doors, shut the windows, and draw the blinds closed. We can wither and writhe and rot at the mercy of all the external forces around us.

We can keep to ourselves, alone in a corner of an empty room full of cobwebs in a house we used to call home.

The choice is yours.

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