“Awe”: The Awful and the Awesome



Daily Prompt: June 23, 2016

Awe’s a pretty positive word… usually. Not always, though. And certainly not today. Not for me.

Awe is typically reserved to describe a sensation one feels towards something revered with respect… and wonder… sometimes, fear.

Today though, I’d still say I’m in awe. Of people, in particular.

But be mistaken not, any previously harbored respect has all but extinguished in light of recent revelations. So please don’t confuse my uniquely grim definition of the word here, today.

Surprise? Check. Fear? Double check. I felt those feelings for sure.
Dread? Sure, a bit. All of it was foul. Foul, foul feelings found a way to interrupt my whole darn day.

I know days like today are part of the package. I know universal balance is pretty dependable stuff. You can’t have the good without the bad. Without all that darn dread…

But sometimes the scale is not balanced. Sometimes asinine assumptions tilt things wildly askew.

Sometimes, rumors ruin reputations. Sometimes friends are foes cloaked in pretty partial words, feigned affection, and shared vices.

If you quit serving a friend/foe’s prettily planned agenda, though, beware the stories to unfold.

“A rotten summer, a rotten hope, dear
Where, where we wait for to lose our friends and family
To fame and fire, to dame or dandy
To pass away or come in handy”

Death comes in many forms. Some deaths are physical, some are spiritual, some are emotional. All are finite, though.

Death elicits a form of awe I can’t quite articulate. But I know it certainly settled in today as death reared its final farewell head.

Alas, today’s awe was not the amazingly beautiful stuff dreamt of by romantic poets of old.

Quite the contrary. The cynics, the misers, and the maimed might talk more about this bleak kind of awe.

Past mistakes might hang heavy, but awe doesn’t have to be this awful.

Awe has an awesome side, as well. No doubt, the power of awe is in the eye of the beholder.

All in all, all we can do is defend those we truly love and, in doing so, find our own master defenders in return. We can awe in their awfulness or awesomeness. We all have that choice with everyone we meet and share our lives with.

But real love has a natural tendency to tilt that scale towards the positive side of awe. It’s nature’s way of showing us our true tribe, amidst some convincing decoys that trip us up in our journey homeward bound.

Those old familiar (sometimes almost forgotten) corners of our true home always welcome us with arms wide open when those faux-friendly foes dismiss all our genuine good in favor of some misguided falsehoods — coupled with a few inconvenient truths — exposing our deeply despicable bad.

“honey, now, don’t be mad
Time has told me it can’t be that bad
And if it is, well, I’ll be goddamn
But I’ll stick around

I’ll be your master defender
Yeah, I’ll stick around
I’ll be your master defender”



2 thoughts on ““Awe”: The Awful and the Awesome

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