Get Your Head in the Clouds… Then Reach Above

Reach Daily Prompt – Saturday, August 13, 2016

It’s hard to reach the stars when you’re standing on shaky ground.

You can dream high as long as you start building low.

If you fall into deep water, you’ll struggle to swim to dry land if you never learned to tread water.

Whether it’s something complex like learning a foreign language, reading and playing music, or something straightforward like building a brick wall, or a wooden fence, it’s all about the building blocks you use to advance forward.

Back to the Basics

You’ve got to master the basics if you’re going to breach pre-existing boundaries. You’ve got to start with the essentials and expand slowly.

Taking short-cuts might be initially advantageous. You might even jump so far so fast that you’re staring directly at your dreams, face-to-face, in plain sight… yet still out of reach.

You’re less likely to fall far though if you’ve got a solid foundation backing you up. Make sure you cultivate a strong support system if you want to really reach your dreams.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Let no part of the process be beneath you. Envision and invest in a life just a bit uncomfortably out of reach. Start small, build big. Commit, learn, and grow. Climb like you can’t fall.

There are always mountains beyond mountains. Don’t let that discourage you. Let it motivate you to keep moving. To never stagnate. To never settle. To keep reaching upwards, solving new problems, breaching those old boundaries.

A little-bitty-lookin’ me on top of Humpback Rock at the northern end of Blue Ridge Parkway.

Use the power of psychology to your advantage. It’s funny how small even the most major setbacks begin to feel when failure isn’t an option. Instead of wallowing and quitting, you innovate and keep trucking along.

Remember when reaching, though, that the pursuit of happiness and the pursuit of pleasure are worlds apart. Try your best not to confuse the two. Understanding subtleties that divide those two pursuits will make all the difference.

Pleasure is necessary, but it can ruin your life if you over-indulge. Happiness, ironically, involves some struggle, sacrifice, and pain… but it ultimately enhances the experience of existence tenfold.

You can’t find happiness, however, if you don’t have goals you’re striving towards, constantly reaching for…

So build, climb, fall, get back up, build a better block, climb a taller mountain, fall and hurt yourself worse than last time, get back up and reach upwards again… higher each time.

Get your head in the clouds. Then reach above and beyond…

clouds 2
Top of Mt. Haleakala in Maui, Hawaii.

©Brittany Stepniak

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