Frame: Self Portraits Can Be Deceptive (and so can selfies)


This week’s photo challenge is “frame: to use your surroundings to capture a different point of view.”

As conscious beings, we humans still seem to lack a lot of self-awareness in favor of self-deception. Self-preservation, perhaps.

Modern social media enables us to manipulate and mold whatever self we want to see and share with the world. Our virtual lives can be rooted in reality, but framed in pixels of falsehoods.

That being said, I’ve shared a darker self-image that captures a different point of view that varies vastly from my usual smiling, chipper, self — a side few ever see, let alone know.

Who’s to say which is more me, though? After-all, even the shiniest and most valuable coin has two sides — unable to ever see its opposite face… only given brief glimpses, at best, of but a reflection of its other half.

As far as what the world sees, that’s purely a circumstantial game of odds anyway.

dark portrait

©Brittany Stepniak

13 thoughts on “Frame: Self Portraits Can Be Deceptive (and so can selfies)

    1. Hah, thanks. Truth be told, it’s not very recent. I’m usually quite terrible with selfies… I never know where to really look and feel rather ridiculous with it all trying get a natural-esque. This one though, was taken at an interesting time in my life, so I guess the pose pseudo-aptly reflects that.

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  2. True, true, true. I think we are all guilty of painting ourselves so much better in virtual world than we really are in the real world. Well, even within ourselves, in real world, we tune out the worst in us anyways.
    I still don’t see darkness in that portrait. 🙂 That eye is the one that pops out for me. I just see something reflective, or something inviting.


  3. I love the way you wrote this. So clever, so deep! I really connect with what you are saying about your blog showing the darker side of yourself. I, too am always smiling and happy in everyday life, this blog is my outlet and often a lot of the darker stuff comes out. I appreciate your coin analogy! I think I will use that when trying to explain why my blog is so dark to my family.

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