Her body, the first place you called home.

Her mind, the first to mold your own.

Her, your first and last true best friend.

And the rarest of kinds.

But more than just selfless… selflessly kind.

And not like a push-over, not some old-fashioned dame.

But a new kind of woman. With her new kind of kind.

The kind that changed lives. And so many world views.

And she taught that by doing. So you watched and you were.

But the lesson’s never ending. You’re not who you were. You can’t know who you’ll be.

You just have to keep trying.  To be who you are.

To believe it and be it. In a world with hollow values. And wrongs that look right.

Now it’s all up to you. To be what you are. Because of what you saw. Because of what you learned.

From your first true best friend.

The one who always let you choose. To be cruel or be kind.

Hoping in freedom you’d find, what you always ever knew.

That this world is what you make it. And you get what you give. So whenever you feel lost, try to remember…

The beauty you once found…

Through the eyes of a child. And I bet you’ll also find, that strength to be kind.


*Happy Mother’s Day, and thanks Mom.



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