Exciting Announcement! But I Need YOUR Feedback (Brainwash Blog)

Hi, WordPress Writing Community!

I have an exciting announcement — and it’s the perfect thing to extinguish all this quarantine, COVID-19, pandemic panic and boredom…


I’ve been working hard on a side project full of fun stories, anecdotes and tools + FREE resources to help you cope with life’s chaos and celebrate its magic. 

It’s all about tragedy, triumph, and solving all the mysteries in this bizarre experience of existence. Healing through the arts and science of poetry and psychology.

I’ve been getting so much positive feedback, I wanted to circle back to my old site and share the exciting news here.

More importantly, I was hoping YOU could share your insights and opinions on the site. Please comment on a blog and let me know what you think.

Have something you want to share or cross-promote? Let’s collaborate. Visit Brainwash and leave a comment or contact me directly:


I’m so excited to hear your thoughts and work with you to promote YOUR story. 

Thanks for all you all for your comments and support on this blog over the years. 💛💚💙

And I can’t wait to work together and expand our community and mission together! See you at Brainwashblog.com.

Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 2.29.49 PM

One thought on “Exciting Announcement! But I Need YOUR Feedback (Brainwash Blog)

  1. We all have our own unique work in the word and it looks like you have found yours. Keep on doing your work in the world and have faith in the new shapes in may take. When covid subsides, you can transition Brainwash to an in-person workshop. Abundant blessings, MW 🙏


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